Dog Articles

Early Neurological Stimulation by Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia

“In many animal breeding programmes, the entire process of selection and management is founded on the belief that performance is inherited” Read the article

Owner Profile Modelling in Dog Behaviour by Colin Tennant

“The detached or ambivalent owner – is often not doggy at all or simply has a pet dog by default or has inherited one. Motivating these owners can be difficult; they simply see the problem as a nuisance, but cannot bring themselves to be consistent in methodological implementation.” Read the article

Breed Dilemmas and Extinction by Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia

“When all of these problems are combined they produce what many believe are the primary reasons for the reduction in breed quality and the decline in the size of many gene pools. All of this is happening despite the advances being made in technology and the improvements that have occurred in health testing and nutrition.” Read the article

The Use Of Negative Reinforcement by Dr. Roger Mugford

“One extreme might be a dog that has chased and killed sheep, where a well-tested method will reliably teach the dog to ignore, or better, avoid sheep. We use my ‘attack-trained’, hand-reared pet sheep” Read the article

Deaf Dogs and Training by Dr. David Sands

“Deafness means that other primary senses – smell, touch, taste and sight – become enhanced and more significant for a different approach to training.” Read the article

Further Thoughts on Dog Training by David Cavill

“It is because of the wide range of ideas, theories, processes and techniques, which have gained an adherence over the last 30 years that many organisations have been established that purport to represent the best methods and practitioners of dog training and behaviour modification.” Read the article

Wolves cooperate but dogs submit, study suggests by Virginia Morell

“dogs, in contrast, formed strict, linear dominance hierarchies that demand obedience from subordinates” Read the article

Why do puppies bark and what can you do about it? by Colin Tennant

“Barking is a natural form of communication for puppies, but barking can become a problem if it becomes excessive. Dog behaviourist and trainer Colin Tennant explains more and suggests and what you can do about it.” Read the article

Molecular Evolution of the Dog Family - Robert K. Wayne

“The order Carnivora includes the cat, hyena, bear, weasel, seal, mongoose, civet and dog families.” Read the article

A Wolf in Dog's Clothing by Mark Derr

“Around the world, there are dogs who have apparently remained unchanged for thousands of years” Read the article

The Wolf in our Dog by Colin Tennant

“The wolf, when he meets other wolves, is generally not predisposed to allowing them into his territory, let alone get so close as to actually give him the once over.” Read the article

The Evolution of the Dog by Robert Wayne

“There is no doubt that dogs are the oldest of all domesticated species and their domestication was based on a mutually beneficial relationship with man.” Read the article

Death Of The Magic Bullet by Rose Shepherd

“medicines we take are killing up to 20,000 people a year in the UK – six times as many as die on Britain’s roads” Read the article

Intelligent Leadership Programmes by Colin Tennant

“the trainer will not alter the methods due to inculcated belief systems of non-discipline or being negative – many of these dogs end up euthanased” Read the article

Can You Trust the Dogs Trust? by Lez Graham

“this study on 19 dogs is, by the way, in direct opposition to a study carried out by the University of Cordoba on 711 dogs, of which 92.54% were intact with an almost 50-50 split on gender” Read the article

Leadership – Fact or Fiction? by Ross McCarthy

“What causes real stress for dogs is confusion and conflict. I have seen so many people that are made to feel like failures because they are unable to follow bizarre behavioural advice that operates on a misguided system which begins with empty words like kind, gentle, reward bordering on mystical wishful thinking and time.” Read the article

Rescue Dog Numbers Increase by Sara Muncke

“Dogs belonging to owners who engender respect and positive behaviour through discipline, exercise, affection and structure are not only less disadvantaged by any social or economic factors affecting the home where they live but also settle more readily into new homes if necessary” Read the article