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Considering a career in dog behaviour and training? There are three membership levels with CFBA, Associate, Full and Fellow, click on the buttons below for more information about each membership type.

General Information
Applicants may, for example, be students or have changed from a part-time to full-time career in dog behaviour and training. Equally, they may be active in local dog organisations, welfare, rescue or training operations. They may be in the process of accumulating and completing a number of dog behaviour and training courses towards full membership.

Applications should try and get the support of a full member of the CFBA who has knowledge of the applicant’s present level of competence and work to date. A list of current members is available on this site.

Applications are considered by the Association’s Fellows’, which has authority to request further references if it deems necessary. The final decision on an application is made by the CFBA Fellows.

The CFBA uses the Pet Education Training and Behaviour Councils (PETbc) roles descriptions (widely accepted in Britain as a a standard of dog occupation descriptions) when considering all applications for dogs only. We ONLY recognise academic and vocational courses that are accredited, approved and assured by the Pet Education Training and Behaviour Council. These standards are also reflected by LANTRA the (Government Department) for such definitions.

Click to read the PETbc national role description of a dog behaviour practitioner.

Applications may be submitted at any time during the year. They will be considered at the next meeting of the Fellows’ board, which meets regularly. Applicants and if applicable their referees will be informed once a decision has been made on an application.

Applicants who are elected to Associate status of the CFBA may subsequently apply for Full Membership.

We do not condone the use of mind altering drugs in behaviour reformation – read more information here

Three Stages to your Application

  • Stage one is the online application form on this web site.
  • Stage two, assuming you have passed stage one we will send you a form(s), these will need to be completed by your ex-clients and you forward them to us.
  • Stage Three, the Fellows will then assess the documentation you sent us along with the information you supplied in stage one. We will thereafter inform you of their decision of membership. It is possible that we may ask for further documentation to approve your membership.

How to Apply
If you click on any of the requirement buttons above, these pages will have further buttons to the canine and feline application forms.

Welcome to our most recently joined members below

Sean Knowlson

Canine Behaviourist

Pippa Ducat

Canine Behaviourist

Suzy Gallagher

Canine Behaviourist